Win 1 million dollars a year for life on Sweepstakes

Win 1 million dollars a year for life on Sweepstakes

End date: February 21, 2012

Publishers Clearing House is organizing another huge contest and is giving away the chance to a SuperPrize Winner to win $1 Million dollars a year for Life!

Don’t miss the chance to enter this life changing contest and win more than $1,000,000! You don’t have to buy anything to enter, the participation on this sweepstakes is totally free. Enter here!

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  1. Vinod swami says:

    Like …

  2. March 23 is my birthday yes I WILL LIKE TO win

  3. I need to win this money so I can give my babygirl anything she needs!!

  4. Hi everione happy tusday I will like see my name in the List my dream is by a house and more places….. I will like I Think is time I have a long time

  5. Place pch make my dream I like support my familyplace………


  7. Hi pch have a gray day I still waiting place pic me I will like to help my family place make my dream…..I have dream I have 3 child ……

  8. I want to win not only for famliy as well and my kids too and been resoped everyday and please pick me and my famliy forthe one million dollors thank you.

  9. This is the money that could change anyone’s life.

  10. would be nice to help my neighbors &family when these timesare still hard and not looking any brighter, thanks for the chance.

  11. I Appreciated Pay Off My house Give Money To My Grandchlidren For College Donate to My Church and To Meals on Wheels.

  12. I never even win scratch off tickets lol there’s like a gerjillion to one chance for me to win but my parents could really use a home…I won’t bet on my chances but I sure will pray! :)

  13. My name is not sadhus it’s dashia Lol

  14. latarsha brown says:

    Just recent I lost all my funiture. My three children sleeps on air beds now. My husband lost his job, and now I have to do take care of my family with my low income. I pray everyday for something wonderful sent from heaven to just appear and say” you don’t have to worry know more, God has blessed you” I watch people win PCH and I cry with so much joy for them. Wishing it was me. I just want to say thank you PCH for all you have done for people. God bless

  15. I pray to win everyday, so I can help several people in my family and friends. I have picked out several different churches to give to and to help upgrade the buildings. I want to help everyone in the community that needs it. I would love to see the children in need and their smiling faces once I win the big money and give them lots of help with it. God bless everyone.

  16. latoya darden says:

    If i win it would make all the different in my life and my children life i have a1year old daughter who was born withc sickle cell anemia this would change our life
    For ever.

  17. I everione happy friday to all

  18. Pleace make my dream pch lol lol pleace ..

  19. nelso nunez says:

    i am a biliver i hope u make my dreams come true ,if when the miliion i will like first help preach the world of god and help those kids with cancer so they can have a healthy peace fol life,godbless

  20. nelso nunez says:

    thank you pch for this apportinity , i lost mywife notlong ago life been real tuff for me even i been father and a mom but i love my kids to death and thats what make stronger ,but with you help i think be easer thank you and bless.

  21. lyle krieger says:

    17124 89th ave nw stanwood, washington 98292 phone me at 360-6182126



  24. Good morning everyOne I want to win pch when more then 7 years when:-)

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